Welcome to Mrs. Dickerhoff's Class
Thanks for visiting this space. Please note that this is a learning experience for me, so there may be many things I need to fix along the way. I hope this can be an exciting new way for students and parents to keep up with what is happening in their math class at Southern Fulton High School. I hope to include links to course syllabus,requirements, assignments, projects and other cool math stuff for each class.

My Courses 2017-18

1. Basic Geometry
2. Planning
3.Geometry - CP
4. Lunch duty
5.Algebra II
6. Lunch
7.Algebra II
8. Study hall
9. Calculus
My email address: jdickerhoff@sfsd.k12.pa.us

Lesson Plans

Attached are my lesson plans for the week. Homework assignments, quizzes and test are can be located on these plans. Please note that plans may change due to interruptions in the schedule or the need for extended time for a lesson.

Problem of the Week

Below is the problem of the week, it may be any type of puzzle, but it is the only opportunity for extra credit. A new problem will be posted each week and the solution must be turned in by the end of the school day on Fridays. I will not except them late.