Daily attendance is vital to the total learning experience. Although work can be made up, it will not compare to the learning that will take place in the classroom.
Absent from School
It is
the student’s responsibility to get all missed work and make up assignments immediately upon returning to school. There will only be 3 days to make up any missed assignments. After 3 days the assignment will automatically become a 0 and cannot be made up. Each student is responsible for making arrangements to take any missed tests, quizzes or other graded work. Work assigned prior to the absence should be turned in or completed upon the return to class, including taking a test. If the student knows he/she will be missing class they should see the teacher prior to that day to receive work that will be missed.

In School, but Missing Class
It is the student’s responsibility to turn in and pick up all assignments that day, either
before or after class.
Failure to do so will result in a 0 on any graded assignments.

NO late work will be accepted


Class will begin at the ringing of the bell. Students will be in their seats, with only the materials needed for this class on their desks. All other materials must be on the floor. Students may NOT get out of their seats during class, except to sharpen pencil. Students must bring their book, notebook, calculator, pencil and homework to class everyday!! Students must be responsible enough to bring their own supplies to class. Any work left in the locker will be considered incomplete.

Graphing Calculators
The school will provide graphing calculators. However, they are not permitted to leave the classroom without teacher approval. Students should have a calculator of their own for their homework.


Students are strongly suggested to keep a 3-ring binder notebook, this will make it easier to add worksheets and handouts.
Ø Notebooks are to be divided into four sections: Notes, Homework, Vocab, Worksheets/Quizzes
Ø Class guidelines should be kept in the front of the notebook at all times
Ø All papers should be dated and in order
Ø Notebooks should be kept neat. No lose papers, graffiti, scribbling, etc.
Ø All missed notes must be made up in your own handwriting. (No copies)
Ø Notebooks will be graded at the end of each marking periods.


Grades are based on a total point system. Most of the time the scoring goes by the following:
Homework = 5 pts Tests = 50
Quizzes = 10 Class work and projects = 10 – 50 Notebook = 50
There will be a test at the end of each chapter, about every 3 – 4 weeks. Quizzes are every Friday, they will be on what was covered that week. There will be homework almost every night. I believe homework is the opportunity for the student to practice a new skill and develop their understanding of the concept. Tests will be announced within a week’s notice. Therefore if a student is absent the day before a test, they must still take the test that day**. If several days are missed then special arrangements can be made.