Welcome to Algebra II
Welcome to Algebra II.
Mathematics is an important component of our society.
Many of your careers will involve math to some degree, whether it be through logic, decision making, problems solving or computations.Success in math will open many doors for your future.I hope this will be a productive year of all of us.
This class is for you to learn, so if there is anything I can do to enrich your learning experience please let me know.

Course Material
Algebra II Curriculum
This is a map of the curriculum that is covered throughout the course. It shows what is covered each month, the projects in each unit, and the correlation to the PSSA Anchors.

Class Guidelines

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Algebra II Notes

Please see lesson plans on the home page.


Barbie Bungee

Angry Birds

Race 2 Achieve - Mouse trap race cars
2015-04-06 10.59.12.jpg
Race day - Mouse Trap race cars from the Race 2 Achieve project
2015-04-06 10.53.59.jpg
1st and 2nd place race - crossed the finish line attached at the wheels

Paper Polynomial Roller Coaster

Big Blue.jpgthriller.jpgDeath Trap.jpgFire Escape.jpgfunnel cake.jpgMagical Adventure.jpgOS factor.jpgMagical Adventure.jpg

Ice Cream Twist.jpgDracula.jpgFruity Loop.jpgBroken Wing.JPG
Turq. Twister.JPG The Whale.jpgWhiplash.JPG The Thrilla.jpg